HostGator vs Bluehost Gives Businesses at No Cost

HostGator does not just give you more tools, services, and other extras when you register for an account. It gives them to you at no cost. For most small companies, money is tight these days and any extras might help cut operating expenses and help the bottom line.web host

Registering for a hosting account with HostGator or switching your existing web hosting to HostGator can mean a substantial savings in the prices of everything from advertisements to billable employee hours. Listed below are five extras that you get free from HostGator which will help your business run effectively for less money:

  1. Unlimited Auto responders – Auto responder programs can get pricey, especially if you use them regularly. Auto responders are a fantastic way to remain in contact with your clients and provide added value to the client’s experience but a lot of companies stop doing them due to the price tag.
  2. Website Design Tools – Rather than spending thousands of dollars to establish a new site, or give your current site a facelift, you can pick from thousands of professionally designed site design templates provided by HostGator. Customize one of those templates with your logo, photographs, and other touches to make a completely unique look for your site, and do it for free once you have got a HostGator account.
  3. Help and Tutorials – If you are a HostGator customer, you get access to hundreds of articles, tutorials, videos, and other websites that can teach you how you can effectively use the internet to advertise your organization and sell products.

HostGator is among the very best in the business and is a excellent resource for small businesses that are only learning how to market themselves online. Get expert tips on how to succeed online without the high cost of employing a professional business consultant.

  1. Email Protection РAlong with getting unlimited HostGator vs Bluehost email addresses, HostGator website hosting provides account holders extended email protections. Spam filters, IP refuse, and other tools can allow you to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, adware and other malicious applications. The extended protections which HostGator provides will provide you peace of mind each time you log on to check your email.
  2. Unlimited Sub domains – Instead of buying new domains each time you want to enlarge your website you can add sub domains to your current site at no cost. Sub domains make navigation easier and create your site seem more cohesive to readers that are browsing through it.

HostGator provides all account holders unlimited sub domains so that you can add as many sub domains to your site as you will need to make your site easier to navigate. Having a site  that is cohesive and simple to navigate is essential to finding success on the internet. HostGator offers you the tools you will need to create a excellent website at no cost.