Start Your British International School Teaching Career

Presently there is a shortage of experienced teachers to fill key jobs in the United Kingdom. This could be your chance to springboard your teaching career into the international school sector.  In the event that you are looking at getting yourself a teaching work abroad at an international school however have not yet had the option to land a contract, you could sneak your way in through the back entryway.

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In nearly every nation on the planet you can find an international school that offers the British National Curriculum. All of these schools are looking for teachers with late experience teaching in the UK.

With ongoing experience teaching the British examination courses for GCSE (Grade 9) and A-Levels (Grade 12), you will have a resume that recruiters for British schools will be exceptionally interested in and they will line up to interview you. The british school singapore same follows for elementary school teachers who are familiar with the key stages set out in the UK National Curriculum.

Search Associates, one of the largest enrollment organizations dealing with international schools even has a separate branch that specializes in placing teachers with UK involvement with British International schools.

I as of late interviewed an American teacher who launched her career in international schools after a year spent teaching the British National Curriculum at a grammar school just west of London. Since then she has proceeded to teach in 3 international schools in 2 countries that offered the UK educational program. She has now spent additional time teaching the British educational plan than the American one she originally trained for!

Teaching has many benefits; it very well may be a shrewd way to ease yourself into living and working overseas. Despite the fact that it is a nation that may seem very similar to your own and they may speak the same language as you, you will encounter culture shock, and ideally appreciate learning its eccentricities.

Additionally, while you are in the UK acquiring the experience to launch yourself into international school teaching, you can take advantage of the UK’s vicinity to Europe and the plethora of minimal effort airlines that have sprung up as of late.

At the point when you are ready to apply for your first international school teaching position you will have the option to attend at least one of the activity fairs run via Search Associates and ECIS and held in London each year. Many international schools interested in employing educators with UK experience attend these activity fairs in London.