Laying vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring

As always I will list all materials and tools you will have to lay vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring.


Your new vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring glue we used a releasable pressure sensitive adhesive from Chap-co

Skim coat

End claws

Caulking tries and matches the color of your floors

Blue painters tape

If not reusing old baseboard and thresholds your will have to buy new


Razor blade hook Blade and regular blade

Hammer & horizontal bar

Masonry Trowel


End nail gun hammer and nail set will also work

Miter saw not mandatory if reusing old molding

Paint brush & roller if using releasable pressure sensitive adhesive, using a few adhesives you will require a 1/8 notched tile trowel to spread your adhesive, always be certain that you read and follow the manufacturer’s directions on container

Caulking gun

2×4 wrapped in carpet or a towel

Being a homeowner you will own those tools. Otherwise, you can pick them up at your neighborhood hardware store and not have to vinyl flooring as you will have the ability to use any of those listed tools again and again.

  1. Firstly and most you will have to clear the area out. It is best to remove stove and your fridge to conduct the floor.
  2. Using your hammer and bar, it is time to eliminate quarter round or any plank molding trim from around the edges of your floor. If you are going to reuse your previous molding make sure not to break any of your pieces as your eliminating them. Seeing with a completely new floor as your going I’d suggest replacing of the molding. It depends upon your budget and how beat up the molding is.
  3. Inspect your floor. Start looking for spots that are loose and bubbles. Using your razor blade a blade, remove these areas and cut out.
  4. Vacuum the floor of all dirt and debris to keep it.
  5. It is time to skim coat the floor. We utilized Skim Coat & a Henry 547 Universal Patch. This skim coat and water gets mixed. Follow the directions. You may wish to fill those areas using a mix that is thicker if you are filling in areas. Using your masonry trowel spread the skim coat. This will fill in any texture in the vinyl in addition to the areas you had to eliminate. Even in the event that you do not have to cut any areas outside, your vinyl will suck up tight to the old floor so you will see the feel of the old flooring come through to a new flooring. This is a measure that is required and is what makes laying vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring potential.
  6. You are done depending on your skim coat merchandise should set and dry.
  7. Now that your skim coat has dried. Inspect the surface. Using your trowel scrape off some other traces or any drips you left. The trick to the skim coat is to make it flat as you can.