Linen Cotton Saree – The Fashion Attire for Woman

Fashion accessories Help to accentuate the look of a woman. It can consist of trendy handbags, jewelleries, sandals, foot wears and so on. It can help to complete the appearance of a woman. Besides accessories, a woman needs the ideal type of apparel to appear her finest. Sarees are one among different attires a woman adorns which enriches her look.

The history of sarees Dates back to a few thousand years. It is among the most elegant and sophisticated wear which suits women of all ages and body types. It is not only the Indian girls but women all around the world like to drape this specific attire. It is worn differently by women of different races and cultures in various states.

linen cotton saree

Various Kinds of Sarees

Sari is a very long piece of cloth that is draped around the body. It features a pallu and can be worn with a blouse. It is approximately 5 to 6 meters long and its length varies based on the way it is draped. The pallu is a part of the sari that is richly decorated with embroideries or embellishments. It is the center of attraction of the sari. In some countries, women wear it in front whereas in the south it drops behind the shoulders.

There are various Kinds of sarees and a few of the most widely used among them include:

  • Banarasi saris: among the most popular and expensive saris incorporate the Banarasi saris that found its source in the city of Varanasi. Produced in gold thread, the patterns that are hand stitched into the saris are mostly images of temples and blossoms. These silk saris are light weighted and worn out with the brides of north eastern India.
  • Kanjevaram saris: another tasteful and expensive sari comprises the Kanjevaram sarees popularly located in the South of India. It is made from pure silk and is thick at the boundaries though the sari is mild. It is beautiful and elegant patterns on the pallus and boundaries making it so popular with the south Indian brides. It has designs of paintings and temples and is done in bright and contrasting colours.
  • Bengal cotton saris: theĀ linen cotton saree from Bengal are another notable number of saris adored by girls. Its light and crisp that makes it appropriate for all events. It is every bit as comfortable to wear and can be carried easily.

Other Kinds of Sarees

There are many other Varieties of saris such as Bandhej saris from Rajasthan, Paithani saris from Maharashtra that is famed for its peacock designs etc. Designer saris have captured the hearts of countless women. These costly and vibrant saris are apt for functions like weddings and social gatherings. Today the majority of the women prefer to wear designer saris with modern designs and fabrics.