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Womens Shafts

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 9.7  Warrior Heroine Power Wave
 9.3  Harrow Advance P9
 9.2  Warrior Heroine Power Rail
 9.0  deBeer Flex
 9.0  deBeer Air Flow Composite TOS
 8.8  Harrow Title IX
 8.7  STX Swankshaft 10
 8.5  Brine DV8
 8.4  Warrior Fly Girl
 8.0  Harrow Advance P5
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 4  Harrow Title IX
 3  Warrior Heroine Power Wave
 2  Brine DV8
 2  Warrior Krypto Pro Fade
 1  Harrow Advance P3
 1  Harrow Advance P5
 1  Harrow Title IX Straight
 1  STX Elevate Goalie
 1  STX Lever 10
 1  STX Propel
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 100  Brine DV8
 100  Warrior Heroine Power Wave
 66.7  Harrow Advance P9
 66.7  Warrior Heroine Power Rail
 66.7  Harrow Advance P3
 33.3  Harrow Title IX Straight
 33.3  Warrior Kryptolite
 33.3  deBeer 325
 33.3  Harrow Title IX
 33.3  Warrior Fly Girl


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Throat Guards

Shamrock Women's Shafts

Shamrock Aluminum TX61
6.0 Rating by 2 Players

Aluminum TX61
Shamrock X2 Ultralight
7.0 Rating by 2 Players

X2 Ultralight

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Shamrock Ash

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