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Mens Helmets

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #2  Cascade CPX-R
 #3  Cascade Pro7
 #4  Brine STr
 #5  Warrior TII
 #6  Cascade CPV
 #7  Cascade CLH2
 #8  Cascade CS
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Cascade Pro7
 #2  Cascade CPX-R
 #3  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #4  Cascade CPV
 #5  Cascade CLH2
 #6  Warrior TII
 #7  Brine STr
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #2  Cascade CLH2
 #3  Cascade CPX-R
 #4  Brine STr
 #5  Cascade Pro7
 #6  Warrior TII
 #7  Cascade CS
 #8  Cascade CPV


Easton Raptor

Easton Raptor Description: Revolutionary one-piece shell construction with multi-impact EPP foam bonded to a lightweight, durable polycarbonate shell.
Maximizes the amount of protective EPP foam in the helmet for better impact energy management.
In-Form Fit System for the truest-fitting and easiest to operate micro-adjustment fit -band in lacrosse.
Industry-first adjustable "tilt" designed into Raptor helmet.
Incredibly light weight for optimal mobility and comfort.
Removable and washable interior foam padding.
Sleek visor designed for maximum peripheral vision.
Steel face mask designed for vision and intentionally shifted away from face to maximize protection.
The primary construction is a one-piece, energy absorbing expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam liner that is bonded to a thing polycarbonated outer shell through heat-activated adhesive ink in a revolutionary patent-pending process. This construction allows for maximum thickness of he protective liner without adding unnecessary weight.
The one-piece EPP foam also has the advantage of distributing the energy from impact to the head over a broader area, versus "point loading" that can occur with other helmet protection systems. The result is a highly protective helmet that is significantly lighter than other helmets on the market.
Unlike other helmets that design to the "one size fits most" model, the Raptor is available in three shell sized. Significant time and effort was spent making sure the fit was optimized for comfort and performance. This design is further perfected with the Giro snow fit system that micro-adjusts to tighten at the back of the head as well as up and down to get the right "tilt" for proper vision, eliminating the middle-bar syndrome! The ultimate result is a helmet fit that is unmatched in the market. Additionally, the Raptor's foam comfort pads are removable and washable. The helmet comes with cheek pads in two different thicknesses for a snug fit.
A fiberglass-filled chin bar creates a stiffer and more durable component compared to what is typically seen with industry standard injection-molded parts. The Raptor chin bar is fabricated using toughened nylon, the same material used for military specs, this piece is extremely durable in securing the face cage to the chin bar and provides protection and energy management during frontal impacts.
The sides and top of the Raptor's visor were cut back to maximize peripheral vision. The black powder coated steel facemask is designed for vision and was intentionally shifted away from the face to maximize protection.
X-Small/Small - 20.5" to 22.0" head circumference (52-56cm) - 6 1/2-7 hat size
Medium/Large - 21.7" to 23.2" head circumference (55-59cm) - 6 7/8-7 3/8 hat size
XL/XXL - 22.8" to 24.4" head circumference (58-62cm) - 7 1/4-7 3/4 hat size

Sizes: Extra Small/Small, Medium/Large, Extra Large/Extra Extra Large


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Manufacturer Information

Easton Easton Lacrosse
Van Nuys, California
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