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Mens Helmets

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #2  Cascade CPX-R
 #3  Cascade Pro7
 #4  Brine STr
 #5  Warrior TII
 #6  Cascade CPV
 #7  Cascade CLH2
 #8  Cascade CS
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Cascade Pro7
 #2  Cascade CPX-R
 #3  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #4  Cascade CPV
 #5  Cascade CLH2
 #6  Warrior TII
 #7  Brine STr
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #2  Cascade CLH2
 #3  Cascade CPX-R
 #4  Brine STr
 #5  Cascade Pro7
 #6  Warrior TII
 #7  Cascade CS
 #8  Cascade CPV


Cascade Pro7

Cascade Pro7 Description: It's released from captivity and loaded with performance. The SuperMono design uses the shell as a stress member to manage the energy from a frontal impact and also shifts the weight load back to make a superior balanced helmet. The new Pro7 is the only helmet in lacrosse with the Seven Technology liner system. The system laterally displaces energy from a direct impact, reducing the effects of G forces, a major cause of concussions. The ProFit sizing system makes the Pro7 one size fits most and allows for easy adjustments between XS and XL. The new Tungsten mask design opens up the view of the field. The Pro7 is color customizable with your team colors, immediately and with no additional charge. Released in Fall 2007.

Sizes: Interchangable


Pro7 Player Ratings

What is it Rated? How Much Interest? A Player Favorite?
Rated 9.5 out of 10 33.3% of Most Popular Item The Favorite of 37 Players

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Cascade Pro7 Price List

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SportStop Free Shipping 8.1 Rating by 292 Players



Pro7 Player Reviews

Value 5
 Crimson Cole (1 Reviews) 06/27/11
"Innovative "
This is a great helmet. Cascade actually uses their own unique Se7en padding instead of just conventional foam. Also is very lightweight, and has great sightlines
Value 5
 <3 (1 Reviews) 04/18/11
"I mean..."
Perfect tilt, most comfortable, and prevents more concussions than the majority of other helmets.
Value 5
 p0nAg3 (2 Reviews) 03/06/11
"Best Helmet out There"
This is by far the best helmet. Looks good, fits well, and has best protection. This is also the most professional looking helmet on the market. Only thing wrong is that it can hurt a little to take it off.
Value 5
 hinderLAX#5 (1 Reviews) 06/19/10
It's helmet! Better than the Venom! It's comfy and its saved me from 7 concussions! If I didn't have it probably would have been out cold.
Value 5
 Bryan (9 Reviews) 06/01/08
I bought this helmet at the beginning of my season and I've been illegally hit in the head countless times, absolutely nothing is wrong now. Our team has CLH2's and there's already been two concussions with those, this is worth every penny in every way its got great vision protection and its just amazing.
Value 5
 dfkjlax (2 Reviews) 02/02/08
"Very Good"
Very Comfortable and good hitting people...I did take a shot to the helmet however and it cracked by the left front vent hole, but I'm still gonna return it and keep using the pro 7. They are finally starting to stop making glorified bicycle helmets and making helmets for a contact sport.
Value 5
 allaroundlaxplayer (13 Reviews) 01/25/08
"So far best helmet I have worn"
The Pro 7 is very comfortable and adjust easily to any head shape (even my giant skull fits in this thing), It also has the greatest vision I have ever, for lack of a better word, seen. It is also very light. I have not yet tested how it takes a hit but it feels solid enough. 10/10 for this guy.
Value 5
 Stephen (1 Reviews) 12/21/07
"Great Helmet"
I own this helmet an I have to say it is very good. The 7 liner makes the helmet really that much more comfortable and much safer. I would have to say it is one of the best looking helmets on the market too.
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Manufacturer Information

Cascade Cascade Lacrosse
Liverpool, New York
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For Sale White Pro7 Navy chin Mens Helmet
Description: I have a white Pro7 with a navy chin. right now it has a cascade throat guard cause i play goalie, but if you want i can take it off
Condition: Very good condition. Used for one season
Price or Trade Info: 160 OBO
Posted By: Andreas Mazarakis
Contact Via Email: or Click Here
Location: Montclair, New Jersey
Date: April 22, 2013 at 08:33 AM CST
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