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Mens Helmets

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #2  Cascade CPX-R
 #3  Cascade Pro7
 #4  Brine STr
 #5  Warrior TII
 #6  Cascade CPV
 #7  Cascade CLH2
 #8  Cascade CS
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Cascade Pro7
 #2  Cascade CPX-R
 #3  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #4  Cascade CPV
 #5  Cascade CLH2
 #6  Warrior TII
 #7  Brine STr
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Cascade CPX-R Titanium
 #2  Cascade CLH2
 #3  Cascade CPX-R
 #4  Brine STr
 #5  Cascade Pro7
 #6  Warrior TII
 #7  Cascade CS
 #8  Cascade CPV


Cascade CPX Chromanium

Cascade CPX Chromanium Description: Pulling together the expectations of the athlete, needs of the coach, demands of the engineer and style of the designer. . . Cascade has raised the bar once again.Slip-Stream componentry - Their most low-profile, light-weight visor and chin piece yet. Completely seamless connections, ultra-sculpted and cored out . . . Clean, fast, uncluttered.Sight Line Vision System - The engineers bent, curved, and arced every bar to make this mask the ultimate in vision, strength and style.Free Flow - Vent channels placed through out the liner allow air to freely flow around your head and draw towards the vents. Free Form - A dual density free-form liner not only softens the blow, but conforms to your head, offering you an unparalleled fit. Three levels of interchangable sizing makes re-fitting a breeze, just snap out the current size and snap in the new.

Shell: FreeFlow, HDPE, 13 Vents
Mask SightLine Vision: Chromanium
Chin & Visor: CPX, IM/HDPE, 5 Vents
Liner System: Gen 5 Fully Adjustable, Triple Foam Density, Memory Foam
Weight: 2lbs 2oz
Warranty: Unconditional 1 Year

Sizes: Adjustable


This Product Is No Longer Being Made

While retailers may still have this product available and listed below in the price listings, that is not always the case.

That doesn't mean LaxShopper can't still be of use. We recommend that you use our free classifieds to express your interest in buying or selling this product. By using the product brand and name in your title your interest will be posted on this product page in future updates as well as in the classified listings immediately.

We know that even if a product is no longer being made it can still be of interest to players and LaxShopper is here to help.


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Wanted Cascade CPX Chromanium Mens Helmet
Description: Looking for an all silver CPX with a chrome facemask. Not interested in a CPX-R.
Condition: Must be in good condition. No major cracks, breaks, or scuffs. No rust on the facemask. Internal padding must be in good condition also.
Price or Trade Info: Email me for price/trade.
Posted By: Steve
Contact Via Email: or Click Here
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Date: November 3, 2013 at 01:53 PM CST
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CPX Chromanium Player Reviews

Value 4
 Ejay008 (4 Reviews) 06/11/07
"Looks Awesome"
This helmet looks awesome and it is so comfortable on my head. So far I've had it for two years and no maintenance has been needed. The vision is also great. It's a little pricey but definitely worth your money and it's no where near as expensive as the titanium. Must buy for any player.
Value 5
 crispy_lax (1 Reviews) 10/27/06
this is the best helmet I've ever had its light comfortable and has great vision
Value 5
 bayzierulz (4 Reviews) 06/05/06
"Best in the Buisness"
This helmet has everything. It's light and looks great. it is 80 bucks cheaper than a cpx titanium and who needs a titanium face mask? The chromanium looks exactly the same for less price. It has a great fit that comes with 3 foam inserts so you can get the exact fit you want.
Value 5
 alex (5 Reviews) 06/02/06
The cpx is by far the greatest helmet available, the way it fits my head...its like a dream, the chrome mask is a great asset to the helmet too. It looks much better with the non black mask and the price isn't bad at all either. The cpx chrome is the best looking and feeling helmet yet by far. plus I got it for free!
Value 5
 lax@wwu21 (7 Reviews) 09/01/05
"Great helmet and light-weight!"
This helmet is awesome! I got mine custom colored and it's all silver, and the mask matches the shell.Great lightweight design, but the ear pieces are a little annoying because they are kind of stiff. Overall 9/10!They're sweet looking, like a knight in shining armor!
Value 5
 Jereme Henson (1 Reviews) 02/18/05
"The best helmet out there"
The best looking helmet out there while still giving you the protection that you need. The shape of the cage makes it good for seeing everything that is around you.
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Manufacturer Information

Cascade Cascade Lacrosse
Liverpool, New York
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