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Mens Heads

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Warrior Evolution 3X
 #2  Mohawk Field Wood
 #3  STX Proton Power
 #4  Warrior Evolution 2.0
 #5  STX Super Power U
 #6  Warrior Evo Pro X6
 #7  Brine Clutch
 #8  Warrior Revo X
 #9  STX Stallion
 #10  STX Surgeon 10
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  STX Proton Power
 #2  Warrior Noz X
 #3  Brine Clutch
 #4  Nike Dunk
 #5  STX Surgeon
 #6  Gait Torque
 #7  Nike Lakota
 #8  STX Bionic
 #9  Brine Clutch 2X
 #10  STX Surgeon 10
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Warrior Noz X
 #2  STX Proton Power
 #3  STX Super Power U
 #4  Mohawk Box Wood
 #5  Warrior Evolution 3X
 #6  Mohawk Field Wood
 #7  Nike Dunk
 #8  Warrior Razer
 #9  Brine Clutch
 #10  Mohawk Mission Extreme


Warrior Revolution

Warrior Revolution Description: Steep taper sidewall for deep pocket, power shots/power cradling control
Small face shape for excellent ball control
New reinforced throat design
Improved, streamlined/ultrastiff sidewall design.
Radical offset sidewall
Available in white only
One year guarantee

Sizes: Complete, Strung, Unstrung


This Product Is No Longer Being Made

While retailers may still have this product available and listed below in the price listings, that is not always the case.

That doesn't mean LaxShopper can't still be of use. We recommend that you use our free classifieds to express your interest in buying or selling this product. By using the product brand and name in your title your interest will be posted on this product page in future updates as well as in the classified listings immediately.

We know that even if a product is no longer being made it can still be of interest to players and LaxShopper is here to help.


Warrior Revolution Price List

Sorry, No Prices Are Currently Listed for Warrior Revolution
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For Sale Riddell Revolution K4 Custom W/R Large Mens Helmet
Description: The evolution of the Riddell Revolution, the K4, features a lighter four bar design and a cage featuring improved vision. Full head protection in the stable air-fit liner system combined with extended jaw protection makes the K4 a popular helmet choice for competitive players. E-mail me if you have any questions.
Condition: Condition is Used with minor dirt marks, no damage to the helmet. Only been used for one season.
Price or Trade Info: $80 or best offer, willing to trade but not for Lax stuff.
Posted By: George Gartel
Contact Via Email: or Click Here
Location: Temecula, California
Date: April 21, 2013 at 05:07 PM CST
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Wanted Warrior Revolution 2.0 Mens Head
Description: i need on for playing this summer i broke my favorite head and i heard this one is as good as my other one.
Condition: new or used
Price or Trade Info: I have a lot of heads that im willing to trade or negotiate
Posted By: Eric Patterson
Contact Via Email: or Click Here
Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina
Date: April 23, 2013 at 02:19 PM CST
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Revolution Player Reviews

Value 5
Ball Control
 LDlax10 (1 Reviews) 03/15/03
"Pretty Good Head"
I got a Revolution last year. I used it mainly for a back-up stick the season.The 2" sidewalls help for better ball control. I'd recommend this head for all positions. It is very durable but cracks if hit on the right spot. I cracked mine when i was jokin around with a friend and hit his shaft. But all and all this is a pretty good head and can be used for all positions.
Value 5
Ball Control
 TheMadMiddie (1 Reviews) 03/08/03
This head is awesome!!! It throws like a dream and works great for every position. I am now shooting more acurate and faster shots with this head I have it on a F-15 and it is an awesome middie/defence stick.
Value 5
Ball Control
 TCattackman (1 Reviews) 2/20/2003
"Great All Around Head"
Out of all of the heads Warrior makes, this has to one of my favorites. It's designed for a deep pocket and has great ball control. I've had it for a year and a half now and it still hasn't broke (which is unusual for Warrior heads). If you get one, get it strung with 6 diamond mesh.
Value 4
Ball Control
 LaxJunkie (4 Reviews) 2/19/2003
This head is alright. It's kinda heavey but pretty durable. It's kinda got a whip. I would recommend it to defenders because it's durable, but no middies or attack.
Value 5
Ball Control
 LAXD31 (4 Reviews) 1/24/2003
"Great for defense "
This head is probably one of the best for defense. I put a Brine F-10 on it and it is fine. You don't need a F-15 for this, I might get one to have my team color sometime. At an affordable price this is a great buy.
Value 5
Ball Control
 carthage-redneck (3 Reviews) 6/9/2002
"Good Defense Head"
I used a Revolution all season and and it has never broken. It has great ball controal and can throw extreamly far. I think it's one of the best heads you could get for defense.
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Manufacturer Information

Warrior Warrior Lacrosse
Warren, Michigan
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