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Mens Heads

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Warrior Evolution 3X
 #2  Mohawk Field Wood
 #3  STX Proton Power
 #4  Warrior Evolution 2.0
 #5  STX Super Power U
 #6  Warrior Evo Pro X6
 #7  Brine Clutch
 #8  Warrior Revo X
 #9  STX Stallion
 #10  STX Surgeon 10
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  STX Proton Power
 #2  Warrior Noz X
 #3  Brine Clutch
 #4  Nike Dunk
 #5  STX Surgeon
 #6  Gait Torque
 #7  Nike Lakota
 #8  STX Bionic
 #9  Brine Clutch 2X
 #10  STX Surgeon 10
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Warrior Noz X
 #2  STX Proton Power
 #3  STX Super Power U
 #4  Mohawk Box Wood
 #5  Warrior Evolution 3X
 #6  Mohawk Field Wood
 #7  Nike Dunk
 #8  Warrior Razer
 #9  Brine Clutch
 #10  Mohawk Mission Extreme


Gait Icon

Gait Icon Description: New Transfer Offset System moves the offset from the head to the handle for improved feel at an affordable price
Large Catching Area improves ability to catch when developing skills
Tight Base design improves ball retention during cradling
Flat Scoop improves scooping ease during ground ball pick up
Color represents Mesh Color.

Originally released in the Fall of 2003.

Sizes: Complete


This Product Is No Longer Being Made

While retailers may still have this product available and listed below in the price listings, that is not always the case.

That doesn't mean LaxShopper can't still be of use. We recommend that you use our free classifieds to express your interest in buying or selling this product. By using the product brand and name in your title your interest will be posted on this product page in future updates as well as in the classified listings immediately.

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Icon Player Reviews

Value 5
Ball Control
 COLAXKING (1 Reviews) 05/30/04
I just bought this stick and it rocks. It shoots accurate with a quick release. Plus, it is so cheap. I would recommend it to all players. Did I mention it's awesome.
Value 5
Ball Control
 Woopinstick (1 Reviews) 04/25/04
"great value"
This is a very good head athough it is not offset I still like it. it is very cheap and well made deffantly reccomend for a first stick or a vetran player
Value 5
Ball Control
 L-der-laxer (1 Reviews) 04/24/04
$40 For the complete stick! It has everything I was looking for in a head, narrow throat, offset head, but not the expensive price. With the money I saved, I had it restrung with a "corner pocket". It is deadly accurate with that pocket. Thanks Gait, You've proven that a inexpensive head with a narrow throat can be made.
Value 5
Ball Control
 LAX Church (1 Reviews) 03/09/04
"Icon GREAT for Price"
I've had this stickm for a week and it, like any other Gait/deBeer head is pinched at the bottem. Any deBeer bottem is good because you don't have to pinch it thus losing your warrenty. I haven't played with it in a game yet because our season hasn't started yet. Over all I like it. Its very good.
Value 5
Ball Control
 Hacker Wilson (5 Reviews) 02/20/04
This stick is definetly the best buy on the lacrosse market. For anywhere from 22-30 bucks you can get this stick Complete! When mine came the other day I was impressed by the weight of the head, it is also pretty stiff. The pocket it comes with is great too, just do the old knife and ball trick and play with the shooters alittle and your good to go. I have been playing 3 years now and I can't beleive they concider this a beginner stick. I have owned a razer, profile, nitrous, bionic and fuse and I feel this stick is just as nice as them. This stick has one of the greatest factory pinch jobs I have seen. Definetly buy this stick. I have no complaints.
Value 5
Ball Control
 TRELAX (3 Reviews) 02/09/04
"Great beginner's stick!"
This was the first stick I ever purchased. I spent $25.00 for it complete and it's probably the best $25.00 I've ever spent. My school is outfitting our whole team of rookies with Icons this year. Slap on some duramesh for an amazing high pocket and accurate shotting and passing.An absolute must have for new players.
Value 5
Ball Control
 D-man37 (5 Reviews) 05/15/04
"We've got a good one here"
Whether you are a beginner or a vet this is a great head. It is by far the lightest head. This head has the price of an entry-level head with a lot of qualities of the best heads. This head has a super quick release because it has a unique minor offset. It also has a fairly narrow face, not too pinched and not too wide. You will also probably want to take out the soft mesh it comes with and put in some hard mesh. All in all this is a great head for any player at a super good price.
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Manufacturer Information

Gait Gait Lacrosse
St. Louis, Missouri
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