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Mens Gloves

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine King IV
 #2  Warrior Regulator
 #3  Maverik Mission
 #4  Warrior Mac Daddy 4
 #5  STX Cell II
 #6  Brine King Superlight
 #7  Harrow HRW
 #8  STX Shadow
 #9  Warrior Burn
 #10  Warrior Riot
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine King Superlight
 #2  Nike Vapor Elite
 #3  Warrior Riot
 #4  Harrow Torrent
 #5  Warrior Regulator
 #6  Harrow HRW
 #7  STX Stinger
 #8  Harrow Advanced Starter
 #9  Maverik Maybach Deuce
 #10  STX Cell II
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Brine King IV
 #2  Nike Vapor Elite
 #3  Brine King Superlight
 #4  Warrior Mac Daddy 4
 #5  Harrow Torrent
 #6  Warrior Regulator
 #7  Harrow HRW
 #8  Warrior Burn
 #9  Warrior Riot
 #10  Maverik Maybach Deuce



STX K18 Description: One of the most popular gloves in the game today. Designed and developed with Kyle Harrison for the elite player.
· Real leather palm provides unmatched grip
· STX's Maximum Mobility System with specialized Island Stitching that works like a car's independent suspension, so your glove can move in all the same ways as your hand
· Sweat-wicking glove liner
· Floating armor plate system for impact dispersion of high impact hacks
· STX Tri-Flex finger design delivers superior dexterity and flexibility
· Microbe shield protects against odors
· Available in White/Gold, Black, Navy, Royal, and Red.

Sizes: 12", 13"


This Product Is No Longer Being Made

While retailers may still have this product available and listed below in the price listings, that is not always the case.

That doesn't mean LaxShopper can't still be of use. We recommend that you use our free classifieds to express your interest in buying or selling this product. By using the product brand and name in your title your interest will be posted on this product page in future updates as well as in the classified listings immediately.

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STX K18 Price List

$74.99 Link Not Financed Elevation Lacrosse 8.8 Rating by 6 Players

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K18 Player Reviews

Value 5
 Travis (4 Reviews) 12/24/09
We've used these gloves for my college team for the past two years. Every single player has the same opinion, they're spectacular. Real leather in the palms break in great over time and make a great mold of your hand. They've got great protection without all the extra outward flare of other gloves. They look real clean in our colors too. Worth the extra cash.
Value 4
 RockyMtnLax (3 Reviews) 12/19/07
The K18 has a very good grip with the leather palm, tight enough to feel like it's a part of your hand and the protection is first rate. I highly recommend this glove and buy it from QC Lax. They have the best prices!
Value 5
 lax dude (6 Reviews) 10/16/07
feel: they are very comfortable. the leather palm is great . they only took a few days to break in . the first thing I did when I got these was take the tape off my stick . durability : I haven't had these for to long so not sureflexibility: amazing once you break them in.price: on the high side but there worth it
Value 5
 TheNino57 (2 Reviews) 05/07/07
"Lexus of Gloves"
Appearance: To truly appreciate these things, one must actually see these things in person- internet images won't do them justice. Aesthetically, these things are masterfully designed (functionally, they are designed well too). I own the black ones, their very attractive.Feel: The leather palm is really a step up in terms of feel. The leather palms provide a natural tack and feel very durable.Durability: I can't be entirely sure on this as I've only had them for a couple of weeks but if they are manufactured to the same standards as every other STX product, they will survive the long haul.Comfort: very snug, light, comfortable fit. Very luxurious feeling. If they were a car, they’d be a Lexus.Performance: Function-first design with low bulk. My teammates asked what size they were. I own the 13" size, but all of my teammates thought they were 12"s. The floating cuff aids in the protection so they don't need to have superfluous size. They fit very snuggly and the protection factor is high though they remain very flexible. Protection is exactly where it needs to be. They will perform best for any player drawing a long pole on offense.
Value 3
 face0ff26 (1 Reviews) 02/25/07
"Great Fit for me"
I have hands that are a little shorter and wider than others, so I was glad to finally find gloves cut this way. They are little snug around the width of the hand, but that's the fashion these days and prevents your hand moving around a lot in the glove. For me, the fingers are the perfect length, so often I had another half an inch of glove that I couldn't fill, but not anymore. Flexibility is incredible in the fingers, palm and cuff, but the real winner is the palm feel. You can actually feel the texture of the stick through these palms, so it doesn't feel like your playing with mittens on. They seem to have plenty of the right padding in the right places so far, and they look pretty good too. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.
Value 4
 Dillz18 (1 Reviews) 02/18/07
"K18 Gloves"
Fantastic. They are really comfortable right out of the bag. The palms have to be the best I've ever seen except for the MacDaddy Limiteds. They are pretty tight, and stay where they are supposed to. As far as protection they are amazing. I've played with them through 5 indoor games and 10 indoor practices and not one bruise. Great.
Value 5
 Prince (1 Reviews) 11/04/06
I bought these gloves and they are aw some. They have nice leather palms that stick to the shaft of your stick. They are also very comfortable.
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Manufacturer Information

STX STX Lacrosse
Baltimore, Maryland
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Wanted STX K18 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Large Mens Pads
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Condition: New
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For Sale Stx K18 Mens Gloves
Description: red k18s 13"
Condition: basically brand new. used in just a couple practices, no defects
Price or Trade Info: make me an offer or trade other gloves
Posted By: Andrew Donatelli
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Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: June 1, 2013 at 10:23 PM CST
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