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Mens Arm Pads

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 #3  Nike Vapor Elite Arm Pads
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 #6  Maverik Combine Arm Pads
 #7  Maverik Maybach Deuce Arm Pads
 #8  STX Cell II Arm Guards
 #9  STX Cell II Defense Arm Pads
 #10  STX Shadow Arm Pads

Arm Pads

Reebok 7K Arm Guards

Reebok 7K Arm Guards Description: FitLite floating elbow technology / Lightweight form fitting protection
FIT elbow construction / Conforming elbow for custom fit
Griptonite elbow area / Locks in the perfect fit and keeps the pad from sliding down the arm
Reebok Play Dry / Wicks moisture away from the body
Form fitting lycra sleeves / Prevents slippage while improving comfort
Ergonomic and anatomical elbow cap design / Excellent fit and feel Released in Fall 2007.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


This Product Is No Longer Being Made

While retailers may still have this product available and listed below in the price listings, that is not always the case.

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Reebok 7K Arm Guards Video Reviews/Info

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7K Arm Guards Player Reviews

Value 5
 Alex (2 Reviews) 01/19/08
These arm guards fit great. They protect your elbow and forearm. You can barely notice they're on. And the price is certainly affordable. I just got these a couple weeks ago so I cant decide how durable they really are but by the look and feel these arm guards will last.
Value 5
 ccslax6 (1 Reviews) 12/22/07
"Great Arm Guards"
Well, I just got a pair of Reebok 7K Arm Guards from Great Atlantic and since I figured some people are wondering about their new equipment, I decided to write my first review.FitThe fit of an arm guard is important in deciding its quality. I'm 5'7" and 125 lbs. and ordered a size Medium. At first they felt tight, but after loosening the straps, they fit fine. No slippage at all, maybe due to the "Griptonite" stripes on the inside. Even though they feel fine on me, I don't think that anybody much taller than me should get them. As for comfort, they feel kind of rough at first. Not like the silky Vaportek Warrior liners, but they don't move so you won't notice when you play. And no pinching either.Since they don't slip at all and feel perfect (on me), they get ten out of ten.ProtectionI have never played with them in a game or even a practice, but after whacking them with a Powermaster, I think that I can give a fairly accurate description of the extent of their protection.There is no plastic except on the elbow, and it does sting a bit when hit on the foam parts, but on the plastic elbow protector, not a blow could be felt (which may be due in part to my lack of strength). There is also padding on the bottom of the guard (where the straps are). It seems like a really good idea, and protects quite well.The protection gets an eight and a half out of ten because of the foam arm pieces.FlexibilityProbably the most important aspect of an arm guard, I was pleased to discover the amount of flexibility these relatively cheap arm guards present. While not as flexible as the STX K18's, they remind me exactly of the Brine Supercrosse Pro arm guards (which is a good thing). They are excellent. I wrote this review with them on.I give them a nine out of ten.Overall ValueThese are probably one of the best arm guards for the price ($60) because they're flexible, protective, and comfortable. Sure, there are better arm guards, but for the price difference which is about $40 for K18's and Warrior PC series costs up to twice as much, these can't be beat.Overall Value gets a Ten out of Ten.
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Manufacturer Information

Reebok Reebok Lacrosse
Canton, Massachusetts
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