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Goalie Heads

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  STX Eclipse
 #2  STX Shield
 #3  Warrior VoidLyte
 #4  Brine Money
 #5  Warrior Nemesis Lyte
 #6  Mohawk Goalie Wood
 #7  Brine Eraser
 #8  Maverik Base
 #9  Gait Sentinal
 #10  Gait Vault
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  STX Eclipse
 #2  Mohawk Goalie Wood
 #3  Warrior Nemesis Lyte
 #4  Brine Money
 #5  Gait Sentinal
 #6  Maverik Base
 #7  STX Goalmaster
 #8  STX Shield
 #9  Warrior VoidLyte
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Mohawk Goalie Wood
 #2  STX Eclipse
 #3  Gait Sentinal
 #4  Gait Vault
 #5  STX Shield
 #6  Warrior Nemesis Lyte
 #7  Brine Money


Brine Eraser

Brine Eraser Description: Goalie head expected to be available November 2006.

Sizes: Complete, Strung, Unstrung


Eraser Player Ratings

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Rated 8.5 out of 10 No Interest Last Week Not a Player Favorite Yet

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Brine Eraser Price List

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More Prices ($94.95 to $110.00)
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SportStop Free Shipping > $99 8.1 Rating by 292 Players
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Rock-It Pocket 8.0 Rating by 222 Players

More Prices ($79.95 to $88.99)
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SportStop Free Shipping > $99 8.1 Rating by 292 Players
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Rock-It Pocket 8.0 Rating by 222 Players



Eraser Player Reviews

Value 5
Ball Control
 chirs (1 Reviews) 02/05/09
"best head iv ever used"
i was very skeptical about this head after my money but I saw how much my roommate loved it and tried it out and I have to say it is the best head on the market its as stiff as the nemesis as light as a guardian and just as durable as the eclipse... what more could you ask for?
Value 5
Ball Control
 McLovin (4 Reviews) 05/03/08
This is one of the best goalie heads ever. Sure it is a little flimsy, but it will never get any flimsier. The ball control is amazing. It throws just like and attack stick. Overall, an amazing head.
Value 5
Ball Control
 Laxer for life (11 Reviews) 07/30/07
"The best"
I love this head. I was always a fan of Nemesis and still am but I would much rather use this. It is lighter, has better offset, and it has a bigger face. What more could you ask for. It is light but it doesn't get flimsy like the Guardian or the Sentinel. I highly recommend this head to any goalie ready to step up their game.
Value 3
Ball Control
 Wiz (1 Reviews) 05/19/07
The throat area is huge, which you might think is a good thing for stopping shots and all, but its makes ball handling and getting a good channelled pocket pretty difficult. It has a bit of a forward offset as well, making GB's easier but again adding to the awkwardness in control. However, it was very stiff, and had many stringing holes. I just dont think its worth 90 unstrung.
Value 5
Ball Control
 mike.k (1 Reviews) 04/11/07
"It is as nice as it gets"
I like this stick mostly because of the way it combines 2 heads the nemi and the eclipse.The scoop on it is really nice and it is pretty durable and the face is wide to. That are some of the things i like in this head and hopfully more ppl get to use it.
Value 4
Ball Control
 beastinthecrease (13 Reviews) 04/08/07
I got one a couple days ago just figuring that it would be a great stick to work on for a bit and rig up with a great pocket but I never expected it to be as great as it is. It has the feel of an Eclipse with the scoop and control of a Nemsis. It gets the best of both worlds. And it is light, stiff, and the scoop is what makes it stick in my mind. It is really easy to scoop with, and even easier to string. I would recommend this stick to all goalies who are just wanting to try something new. It is pretty nice and definately worth the price.
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Manufacturer Information

Brine Brine Lacrosse
Warren, Michigan
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