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Goalie Gloves

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine King III Goalie
 #2  Brine King IV Goalie
 #3  Brine Messiah Goalie
 #4  Brine Triumph Goalie
 #5  Warrior Lockdown Goalie
 #6  STX Sultra Goalie
 #7  Brine King Superlight Goalie
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine King III Goalie
 #2  Brine Triumph Goalie
 #3  Brine King IV Goalie
 #4  Warrior Lockdown Goalie
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Brine King III Goalie
 #2  Brine King Superlight Goalie


Warrior Superstar Goalie

Warrior Superstar Goalie Description: · Superior protection for back of hand and thumb
· ExoLyte™ contoured wrist guard
· VaporTek™ liner
· Double Split pre-curved fingers for flexibility and fit
· Breathable side finger gussets
· Vented backhand for airflow and breathability
· Palm design with VaporTek™ mesh
· PIMPS Metaleather™ outer construction
· Split cuff for flexibility and protection
· Colors: BlackJack, RedAlert, NavySeal, KindGreen, Maroonski, KrownRoyal

Sizes: 12", 13"


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Superstar Goalie Player Reviews

Value 3
 Vegas Goalie (1 Reviews) 03/13/05
"A Little Below My Standerds"
These gloves look really flashy, are unbelievably protective but have so much padding it feels like your hands are in a block of stone. If your like me and actually want to move your fingers or hand every once in awhile go for the superfreaks. But they do last long.
Value 3
 laxgoalie12 (1 Reviews) 06/05/04
"Way too stiff"
These gloves are very protective...the best protection in the game. However, they are way too stiff and you can not move your wrist at all. I ended up buying the X Factor goalie gloves and they aren't the best but they work.
Value 4
 laxman537 (1 Reviews) 08/11/03
"sick gloves"
These gloves are awesome....once you have broken them in enough. I used to use ignitors and almost broke my thumb many times but the protection on these are great. I got them pretty cheap at a local store, but most places their a bit pricey. If you have the money buy these.
Value 4
 LaxgoalieLZ (2 Reviews) 12/28/03
"Weird, but good."
I am a newer goalie and when I first started playing I used my regular gloves and broke my thumb. But these gloves are so protective. The thumb is really huge and a little stiff but it is worth it. The other fingers are really flexible and good. Although the glove looks weird it is a really good glove and worth the extra dough.
Value 4
 GoalieBiz (5 Reviews) 03/17/03
"Nice Glove"
Stiff at first, but definitely worth the protection, and flexible enough to use good stick skills. They are a little big and klunky, but they are a lot better than the wings on the old goalie gloves. A little pricy too, but dang they are pretty cool looking.
Value 5
 Floppy Johnson (1 Reviews) 2/5/2003
"Good Buy"
This gloves kick ass. You can take massive shots on them all day and not feel a thing. Plus the hockey style wrist allows for more protection.
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Manufacturer Information

Warrior Warrior Lacrosse
Warren, Michigan
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