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Goalie Gloves

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine King III Goalie
 #2  Brine King IV Goalie
 #3  Brine Messiah Goalie
 #4  Brine Triumph Goalie
 #5  Warrior Lockdown Goalie
 #6  STX Sultra Goalie
 #7  Brine King Superlight Goalie
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine King III Goalie
 #2  Brine Triumph Goalie
 #3  Brine King IV Goalie
 #4  Warrior Lockdown Goalie
Popularity Ratings
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 #1  Brine King III Goalie
 #2  Brine King Superlight Goalie


Warrior RPM Goalie

Warrior RPM Goalie Description: · ExoLyte™ Contoured wrist guard for increased wrist protection
· CoolMax™ Liner wicks moisture away from skin
· ExoLyte™ Triple Density Impact Protection in critical shock zones
· VaporVent™ Quad cooling system for superior air flow
· Improved VaporVent™ Palm with VaporTek™ mesh matrix design - offers excellent ventilation and flexibility
· MicroLeather/Titan™ mesh outer material for durability
· Oversized wrist guard for extra blocking area and added protection from shots to the body
· Colors: BlackJack, RedAlert, NavySeal, KindGreen, Maroonski, KrownRoyal

Sizes: 12", 13"


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RPM Goalie Player Reviews

Value 2
 Master of Puppets (1 Reviews) 12/20/03
"waste of money"
I bought these gloves a few months ago so I could have new gloves for the indoor season, and I am extremely dissapointed with their performance. The biggest reason I hate these gloves is because the thumb is too short and too stiff. So it is hard for me too work my stick when I run up field.
Value 3
 Eric Luhrmann (10 Reviews) 10/14/04
"Not worth it"
I picked these gloves up on sale from Lacrosse Giant after they were discontinued. While initially they were comfortable out of the bag, their flexibility is poor and did not seem to improve after about 3 months of use. The wings did not have any advantages to me, because with my positioning my knuckles are facing the shooter and the wings could not do anything. These are very cumbersome gloves, which greatly affected cradling. Also the CoolMax liner would also slip out when I took off the gloves, and once they were out it was hard to put it back into it's proper position. On a positive side however, these gloves are very protective, there is a good amount of padding in the glove, and I really liked the thumb compared to others like the Superstars and X Factors Gels.
Value 2
 LaxGoalie7 (2 Reviews) 05/21/04
"Decent Glove"
I got a pair of these for free from my local professional indoor team. They were custom made for the team with logos, etc on them, but I think the quality was the same as the regular ones sold in stores. I'm a varsity goalie for my highschool and these lasted a good season. I tore through the palm of my stick-handling hand within about a month, but this was easily fixed with a trip to the tailor. The thumb cap also broke through the leather covering pretty quickly which made it impossible for me to release my stick from my hand quickly if I needed to. Overall, not bad for the beginner/mid-level goalie. High school and up - get a better glove, it will be money well spent.
Value 1
 Laxer1 (2 Reviews) 2/11/2003
"It Sucks"
After playing for awhile with these gloves, they wear off easily and the thumb is too stiff. The grip wears off quickly and the thumb sticks out too much, and I tore some ligaments in my thumb. Don't buy these or the new Warrior Superstar Goalie. Their thumb protection is poor.
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Manufacturer Information

Warrior Warrior Lacrosse
Warren, Michigan
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