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Goalie Chest Pads

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine Eraser II Body Pad
 #2  Warrior Lockdown Goalie Guard
 #3  STX Sultra Chest Protector
 #4  Brine Money Chest Protector
 #5  Gait Vault Chest Protector
 #6  STX Stinger Chest Pads
 #7  Harrow P2 Chest Protector
 #8  Warrior Lockdown Chest Pad
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Brine Eraser II Body Pad
 #2  Warrior Lockdown Goalie Guard
 #3  Gait Vault Chest Protector
 #4  STX Stinger Chest Pads
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Brine Eraser II Body Pad
 #2  Warrior Lockdown Goalie Guard
 #3  Brine Money Chest Protector
 #4  STX Sultra Chest Protector

Chest Pads

STX Chopper Chest Protector

STX Chopper Chest Protector Description: STX AirZone designed for added chest protection
Injection molded panels in shoulder cap and sternum/chest zone
Form fitting mesh back and heavy duty straps make fitting easy and comfortable
Removable belly pad for customizable protection
Ballistic twill shell for lightweight, multi-season durability
Quad layer construction of high density foam, impact deadening PE panels, ball deadening memory foam and inner liner comfort foam
Super soft liner feels comfortable and wicks away moisture
AEGIS microbe shield protects against odors

Originally released in the Fall of 2005.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large


This Product Is No Longer Being Made

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Chopper Chest Protector Player Reviews

Value 2
 turtleman755 (2 Reviews) 01/08/07
"Very Uncomfortable"
This chest protector really hinders your ability to make saves and throw the ball. It slows you down and is really awkward. Because it has 2 pieces the top piece bounces around a lot and is really annoying. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone
Value 4
 Kira (1 Reviews) 07/14/06
The shoulder pads are incredibly bulky. Because of the 2 piece design (which is barely held together, mine broke and had to be sewn back together) it restricts your vision of the ground making it hard to see balls at your feet.
Value 3
 turtleman755 (2 Reviews) 05/16/06
"Not Good"
I really don't like it because its too bulky and it is really hard to throw with.
Value 5
 tbonemvp (1 Reviews) 04/29/06
"very nice"
Just got this last night and played in a game with it today. The mobility is surprisingly good for its bulk. For the money, its a great piece of equipment.
Value 4
 sted (1 Reviews) 01/31/06
"Weight and Design"
This chest protector is rather heavy compared to warrior chest protectors. Although heavy this chest protector offers the best and firmest security. The design is rather good but the shoulder caps are a little bulky and get in the way...I suggest one of the warrior chest pads because they are light and most versatile.
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Manufacturer Information

STX STX Lacrosse
Baltimore, Maryland
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