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About LaxShopper

Who Started It:
Founded over a decade ago by a young entrepreneur, Andy Sharp, who remains active in the sport of lacrosse as a player, coach, and official.
Who Is It For:
It is a labor of love that is fueled by the countless players who share their valued opinions to benefit players and parents. Pass it on . . .
What Does It Do:
The site seeks to enable the lacrosse community to help each other make informed decisions about where to buy their gear and what equipment they have found to work the best.
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Shock Doctor Information

Manufacturer Shock Doctor Lacrosse
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Phone Number 1-800-233-6956
Website Address

Shock Doctor Men's Lacrosse Gloves

$64 & Up 
Shock Doctor daVinci
7.3 Rating by 7 Players

$64 & Up 
Shock Doctor Formula
5.0 Rating by 4 Players



Shock Doctor Men's Lacrosse Arm Pads

$25 & Up 
Shock Doctor Formula Arm Pads
5.5 Rating by 4 Players

Formula Arm Pads
$10 & Up 
Shock Doctor Slash Guards
6.0 Rating by 3 Players

Slash Guards
$25 & Up 
Shock Doctor Smoke Arm Guards
7.0 Rating by 4 Players

Smoke Arm Guards


Shock Doctor Men's Lacrosse Rib Pads

$36 & Up 
Shock Doctor Rib Pads
5.0 Rating by 2 Players

Rib Pads


Shock Doctor Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

$40 & Up 
Shock Doctor Formula Shoulder Pads
7.0 Rating by 2 Players

Formula Shoulder Pads


Shock Doctor Men's Lacrosse Bags

$40 & Up 
Shock Doctor Backpack
6.5 Rating by 4 Players

$40 & Up 
Shock Doctor Equipment Bag
7.0 Rating by 3 Players

Equipment Bag
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