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 #2  Universal Lacrosse Company
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 #4  Lacrosse Nashville
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 #6  Breakaway Lacrosse
 #7  Commonwealth Lacrosse
 #8  Elevation Lacrosse
 #9  Proboss Lacrosse
 #10  Chicago Lacrosse Company
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 #9  Lax World
 #10  Universal Lacrosse Company


Michigan Lacrosse Store

Michigan Lacrosse Store is not a member of LaxShopper's Team of Lacrosse Retailers.
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Michigan Lacrosse Store Player Ratings

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Player Reviews of Michigan Lacrosse Store


Summary of Player Reviews (2)

Overall = 2.00 Service = 1.50 Website = 3.00 Prices = 2.50

Player Reviews

 Brian (1 Reviews) 04/03/11
"Poor quality untrained staff"
We recently (3/19/11) bought 2 LAX sticks and LAX balls from your store, sales receipt. The second time the "bullzeye X stick" was used the plastic cracked while playing catch outside. We feel the stick is defective so we wanted to exchange the stick for a new stick, or at least get our money back. We were told today 4-2-11 that there are no returns on this type of stick. We were told by the young man who called his mom to check on the return policy that this type of stick uses cheap plastic. This was NEVER mentioned when we purchased the stick and the receipt says all returns must be accompanied by a receipt within 30 days of sale, which we provided. There are no signs by the stick indicating no returns or refunds.We are new to LAX and we heard that your store had a knowledgeable staff and customer satisfaction was important. We told the young man that helped us that we were new to LAX and we wanted a durable stick and HE SUGGESTED this stick, he said we could pay more but the stick would work fine. He recommend this stick for our son who is playing high school JV Lacrosse who was with us. So this makes me believe that the sales people have no idea what they are selling, they don't stand behind the products they sell and customer service means nothing.Needless to say we won't be returning to your store and we will make sure to let others know that this stores sells cheap sticks, their sales people are not knowledgeable and somebody has to call his mom to determine what the return policy is because there is not one.
 Brighton Customer (1 Reviews) 07/21/10
"Poor Service "
They promised restringing sticks would be finished in 24 hours and this wasn't done. Nor did they call to advise that the sticks weren't complete.
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